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88FIVE Live At Home featuring Gracie Abrams

88FIVE Live At Home with Gracie Abrams

88FIVE Live At Home with Gracie Abrams is brought to you by the Independent 88.5 FM, CSUN & Saddleback College.

Join 88.5 FM Afternoon host Mookie for a conversation & performance featuring Bedroom Pop, singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams! Mookie and Abrams discuss how she feels about releasing singles in this day and age, rather than full albums at a time. Abrams also talks about her recent single, “Brushfire” and playing a live show for the first time via livestream and virtually touring in 2020.

In this 88FIVE Live session, Gracie Abrams performs “Friend” and “21.”

Listen to Gracie Abrams' single, "Brushfire" right here on the Independent 88.5 FM - Los Angeles Public Radio. Tune in on the radio at 88.5 FM - on our website at 885fm.org and you can also download our free app in the app store or Google Play.

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