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Aaron Frazer Session with Mookie ahead of the release of "Into The Blue"

Aaron Frazer Session with Mookie

Ahead of the release of the new album Into The Blue

Recorded in The SoCal Sound Studios, performing 3 songs + Interview



Aaron Frazer has a full length LP, released last fall titled Into The Blue and he joins Evenings host and SoCal Sound Program Director Mookie for a chat!


Long-time SoCal Sound listeners might recognize the voice of Aaron Frazer as one of the singers and the drummer of Durand Jones & The Indications, and is now releasing his second solo effort.


While speaking about the record, and referring to the cinematic nature of the record, Aaron says to Mookie during the interview, “What I would say to people is to listen, listen to the second half of the record. I know because I see it on Spotify, that what happens is if you don't count the singles like there is a very linear decline on every record between the first track and the last track, because people don't listen to whole albums. I didn't put the last songs on the record as the last songs, because I don't like them, or because I like them less than the ones that are on the front record. It's like, it is an emotional journey, and some of my favorite songs are at the very end. So when you listen to the record, just, you know, to check the back half. I always think about and especially on this record, like, you know, this intersection of, like, music and cinema. And I'm not like, I'm not like the craziest film buff. But I always think about, like, great soundtracks and music supervision and the way, like songs paired with picture can make both like transcend, you know, and so like this album is very cinematic, so finish the movie.”

Aaron Frazer performed 3 songs; “Into The Blue”, “Payback”, “Time Will Tell” 

Musicians for this session: 
Drums - Brian Gazo
Bass - Christopher Manjarrez
Guitar - Terrell Mccain
Backing Vocal - Moorea Masa


Aaron Frazer Into The Blue is available on June 28, 2024 on Dead Oceans