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An Oasis Reunion On The Horizon?

Any artistic endeavor requires a great deal of passion to complete. When you work in a team, egos must be handled and emotions kept under control. We know all too well this doesn’t always happen in the music world, however one of the longest feuds may be coming to an end.

For the first time since their breakup, Oasis appears to have an outside chance. Noel Gallagher, on tour with his group High Flying Birds, stated in recent interviews that he is open to a reunion...for a price that is. Then his brother Liam, who recently broke up his band Beady Eye, tweeted this:

So how does this compare to historical feuds? Well, the Eagles had a long running feud that broke up the most successful American rock band in history for 14 years. The disagreements were so bad that Don Henley consistently said the band would reunite when “hell freezes over”. Of course their reunion album was aptly titled Hell Freezes Over and the band continues to tour today.

Pink Floyd, on the other hand, could never get over their issues. Roger Waters increased his songwriting control in the group throughout the 1970’s to the point that David Gilmour received no writing credits on 1982’s The Final Cut. Waters left the band and attempted to keep Gilmour and Nick Mason from using the name. They reunited once since that album, however the band appears to have cut all ties after releasing last year’s outtakes album The Endless River.

So what do you think? Is Oasis bound to be the next Pink Floyd? Or will they come back better than ever like the Eagles?