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Archive: Monday June 15, 2020

Hear At Home with Laura Marling

Published 4 years ago by Andy Chanley

Hear At Home with Laura Marling

The one and only, Andy Chanley and the darling Laura Marling connect for this episode of 88.5 FM's Hear At Home series. Andy and Laura talk about her new LP, 'Song for our Daughter." Laura Marling explains the thought behind the album title, maturity in her music, and Laura's first instrument.

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ADVANCED MUSIC HISTORY Cheat Sheet for June 15

Published 4 years ago



GARY LIGHTBODY of Snow Patrol/Tired Pony




In 1965, Bob Dylan began recording “Like A Rolling Stone” at Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. Inspired by The Beatles to try writing in full-band arrangements, Dylan was still working on the song when he entered the studio, with lyrics that had been whittled down from 10 pages to four verses.

In 1966, The original version of The Beatles’ album Yesterday And Today was released. It featured a cover photo of the boys grinning amidst an array of dismembered baby dolls. The “Butcher cover,” as it became known, was not well-received and quickly pulled by Capitol. A few copies that got out have become collector’s items.

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