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Caloncho Session with Byron Gonzalez

Caloncho Session with Byron Gonzalez

Discussing the new album Tofu
Performing 3 songs + Interview at Arroz and Fun - Los Angeles


Caloncho recently released a new album titled Tofu and he joins Bilingual Sounds host and Latin Alt HD3 Brand Manager Byron Gonzalez for an interview and a 3 song performance at Arroz and Fun in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles.


Óscar Alfonso Castro, better known as Caloncho, is a Mexican artist, originally hailing from Guadalajara where he learned to play drums, and ultimately moved into song writing.


Byron inquires if Caloncho has discovered anything while discussing his songwriting after so many other interviews, and Caloncho explains, translated from Spanish, “So there's always something new to learn, right? And once you sing them, it's like a path that you go through, and from there you notice what are the shortcuts, no? the shortcuts… I don't want this one here anymore. Once you find the shortcut, and you say why I didn't put this lyric. Why didn't I put this. This rhyme it is better than this, this word makes more sense… oh, that's interesting! Then with that, when we see you live, is that something you add? Yes another change. [Byron] “So, there are different versions” when it's live. Yes, I change words.”


Caloncho performed 3 songs; “Wacha Checa”, “Super Deli”, “Somos Instantes

Caloncho's Tofu is available now on Universal Music Group México