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Celebrating U2 At The Forum


I get it now.

For years, people around me either praised or derided U2. To me, at least, no one seemed to be in the middle. They either loved the band or hated them. The controversial release of Songs Of Innocence did them no favors either. I liked them, but they weren't high on my list of greatest bands.

After seeing their show at The Forum last Wednesday, however, I know where I stand. Never have I seen a band welcome the crowd and keep their attention quite like U2. Yes, they have all the amenities of the biggest band in the world: a giant wak through video board, a huge custom stage, more roadies than you can image, and more. Yes, Bono demands your attention as the frontman. Yes, this was an inspired show after their friend and tour manager Dennis Sheehan's death. Even with all that considered, I get it now. I love U2.

This is a band who's heart is still in their hometown of Dublin. They still carry the violent memories of terrorism in their homeland from their youth. Bono described the inspiration to the new songs, many incorporating those themes, and allowed them to highlight the early part of the performance. The band clearly knows the position they are in. Their work with (RED) continues with their special ticketed area on the floor and their message of peace permiated the show. Looking back, they told a story: a story about the band, about a country, and, above all else, human nature in just a few short hours through their music.

You can still bash U2 all you want, say they're over the hill, or whatever. I'm just going to keep rocking out to their music and help spread their message of peace and understanding.