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Cliff Beach with Mookie || The SoCal Sound Sessions from the Zev Room backstage at The Soraya

Cliff Beach with Mookie || The SoCal Sound Sessions from the Zev Rehersal Room in the SORAYA

The SoCal Sound In-Studio Session with Cliff Beach is brought to you by The SoCal Sound, CSUN & Saddleback College.

Join The SoCal Sound's Program Director, Marc "Mookie" Kaczor, in conversation with musician, radio host, and published author Cliff Beach!

In the interview, Cliff Beach reflects on getting his start in the music industry, plus what brought him to Los Angeles. He further recalls how his show 'Deeper Grooves' on The Socal Sound came about and how he makes his music selections. Recently Cliff Beach was a part of Josh Gates Tonight on Discovery. He explains the process of getting that job and his experience working on the show.  

When asked about the inspiration behind his new book 'Side Hustle & Flow,' Cliff Beach said, "I just wanted people to be inspired by myself - you know, as the guinea pig going through the trenches. Everything I did was trial and error. I didn't have any major connections or anything. It's always like a cold email. A cold call. Who do you know? Who do you know to know someone… You just have to learn that's pretty much the only way to survive, to thrive, to be able to grow in this industry."

This SoCal Sound In-Studio Session with Cliff Beach was filmed in the Zev Room backstage at The Soraya, the Valley's center for the performing arts, and includes live performances of "So Into You," "Confident," and "Movin' On." 


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