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Get Ready To Rock With Benjamin Booker

One day rock may actually die. We hear the proclamation "Rock Is Dead" time and time again, but it never seems to go away. Rock will never die as long as artists like Benjamin Booker are still around.

The first thing you notice about Booker is energy. "Violent Shiver" kicks off with a blistering guitar rift and Booker's gritty voice takes a hold of your ears immediately.



Digging into the music deeper, you hear more slick guitar work. He seamessly blends rock, punk, and New Orleans blues into one sound. Heck, he even throws in a little psychedelia close to the end of "Have You Seen My Son?"



For years, the burden fell on Jack White, who seems to singlehandedly perform every kind of rock imaginable. Lately we've seen more bands willing to give rock a chance. Benjamin Booker is one of those artists making a name for himself and rock will certainly never go away with him around. His self titled album on ATO Records comes out August 19th.