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Hear At Home with Julian Lennon

Hear At Home with Julian Lennon || The SoCal Sound

In this Hear at Home interview, The SoCal Sound's Midday host, Julie Slater, chats with British musician and son of the legendary John Lennon, Julian Lennon!

Lennon discusses his upcoming album 'Jude' (set for release on September 9 via BMG), including details about the approach of incorporating previously written songs and the choice behind the album's title. Additionally, he touches on how the lockdown altered his perception of life, driving him to put together this project.

To summarize the album, Lennon states, "... it's a culmination of 30 years of work. The subject matter is pretty much identical throughout the years, which is the weird thing. It's all (about) searching, looking inside. Either on a personal level or globally about finding answers. What shocked me is that we're still asking the same questions as we were 30 years ago."

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