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Hear At Home with Paul Banks of Interpol

Hear At Home with Paul Banks of Interpol

In this Hear at Home interview, 88.5 FM's midday host, Julie Slater, has a chat with the American–British musician, singer, songwriter, and DJ, Paul Banks! Still, you may know him best as the lead vocalist, lyricist, and guitarist of Interpol.

Banks talks about Interpol's collaboration with Brain Dead Studios, housing an Interpol exhibit displaying photos taken by Atiba Jefferson while recording their latest album, "The Other Side of Make-Believe.' Interpol bandmates created a skateboard deck, a curated playlist, and much more. 

Banks also speaks about the band's experience while recording the new album; he describes the energy as different from other recordings because of the physical distance between the rest of the bandmates due to them being in different parts of the world during the process.

Banks gives us a few movie recommendations if you stick around long enough! Don't miss it.

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