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In Case You Missed It.

Times have been tough lately and it’s pretty hard to stay on top of new music, videos, streamable concerts, and/or live sessions. We compiled a few new music videos by artists played on the Independent 88.5 FM that you may have missed. We understand and to be honest, these passed our radars too. 

1. First up is Phoebe Bridgers “Kyoto” released April 9th. The video places Bridgers on a green screen with what seems like vintage VHS images of Japanese scenery - which was probably just edited to look like that - all the while Bridgers sports very cool skeleton jammies and fights off a rampaging, raging Godzilla. She's our fashion icon and hero!

Catch her performing while driving, “I See You,” on The Late Late Show with James Corden:

Here's our Hear At Home interview with Bridgers by morning host, Nic Harcourt.


2. Gorillaz “Aries,” released April 9th. This video is the third in a series of music videos they’ve dubbed the “Song Machine.” They have plenty more songs with a wide array of collaborators up their sleeve, so stay tuned.  


3. Phantom Planet’s, “Only One,” released April 30th. During our Hear At Home episode with Alex Greenwald, Nic Harcourt got him to explain how he created this music video. Greenwald told Harcourt that he downloaded images for the video by searching for royalty-free videos on google. What an innovator! 

Here's our Hear At Home interview with Greenwald by Nic Harcourt.


4. Charley Crockett’s music video for “Welcome To Hard Times,” released May 27th. The video places Crockett outside in a windy desert with a lone clock, ready to welcome viewers to some hard times. However, the song's lyrics are juxtaposed behind the video's sense of tranquility and somber, brought by shots of distant mountains, lit cityscapes and the pleasant aesthetic of Crockett exploring each place with diligent indie cinematic prose. 

Catch our Hear At Home interview with Crockett by Program Director, Mookie.

5. The Growlers’ “Dream World,” released June 25th. The video starts out in a cheesy advertisement pushing for a dream world. The video follows the journey of Growlers singer Brooks Nielsen with his loving partner, a silicone doll. Watch as it tags along with Nielsen, all over Los Angeles. This is the romantic story we need right now.

Check out our in-studio session with The Growlers on our YouTube page. There are two more songs on the page.


6. Haim’s “Don’t Wanna,” released June 29th. A very simple video, placing Haim in the parking lot of The Forum in South Los Angeles. Watch as they race each other in the venue’s parking lot and enjoy all the tribulations of spontaneously starting a race in the middle of a music video; they get tired, catch their breath, and start running all over again. We've all been there before.