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Jocelyn & Chris with Barry Funkhouser || The SoCal Sound Sessions

Jocelyn & Chris with Barry Funkhouser The SoCal Sound Sessions


The SoCal Sound In-Studio Session with Jocelyn & Chris live at our studio. Recorded 


Sugar and Spice




Host: Barry Funkhouser

Filmed & Edited: Matt Blake

Audio Recorded & Mixed: Tristan Dolce




The SoCal Sound Sessions & Interviews are brought to you by The SoCal Sound, CSUN & Saddleback College.

In this interview, Jocelyn & Chris discuss what led to their career in music including what influence their upbringing had in that choice. They also explain to us how lockdown allowed them to “grow into” their new music which resulted in an album called ‘Favorite Ghost.’ Furthermore, they tell us why they decided to release their new music through the radio before putting it out on streaming services. 

When asked about the overarching theme of their album ‘Favorite Ghost,’ Jocelyn answered, "A lot of these songs are about problems that we’ve faced or situations that we have to go up against..real or imagined… You can choose to see those things as problems that you have to overcome, but you could also choose to see them as things that make you who you are and who you are going to be.”