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Kilo Bravo SoCal Sound Session with Julie Slater

Kilo Bravo SoCal Sound Session with Julie Slater

Discussing the new album "Good Grief”

Recorded in The SoCal Sound Studios, performing 3 songs + Interview



Kilo Bravo has a full length LP, released last fall titled “Good Grief” and they join Middays host Julie Slater for a chat!


Hailing from Long Beach, Kilo Bravo has been a featured “Local Spotlight” on The SoCal Sound, and when Mid Day host and So Cal Sound Music Director Julie Slater found out that they have new music, it seemed like a no-brainer to her to invite them in for a SoCal Sound Session!


Kilo Bravo is comprised of lead vocalist Kris Butcher, bassist Dave Pelusi, drummer Greg Anderson, and guitarist Adrian Sanchez.


When talking about the writing of the song “The Flood”, lead singer Kris Butcher recalls, “the flood is, I don't know, it's just me thinking about the future of our planet and the current situation we're in… that song in particular, I was just thinking about how we're sitting on our phones, rotting our brains, letting people tell us what our reality is. And, trying and trying to look at it from the outside. it sounds like a sad song but it's supposed to be hopeful…What's funny actually wrote that song the morning of our last day in the studio. Like, got up at six in the morning and sat on a patio and wrote it, and then we're about to wrap up and our producer is like, ‘hey, we got time. I was like, I got a song!’…. and that's probably the third take [the version on the record] is the first time I ever sang it without messing it up.


Kilo Bravo performed 3 songs; “The Flood”, “Lucinda”, “The Tantrum


Kilo Bravo’s “Good Grief” is available independently now!