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Madi Diaz SoCal Sound Session with Byron Gonzalez

Madi Diaz Session with Byron Gonzalez

Discussing the new album Weird Faith

Recorded in The SoCal Sound Studios, performing 3 songs + Interview


Madi Diaz has a full length LP, released last fall titled “Weird Faith and she joins Bilingual Sounds host and Latin Alt HD3 Brand Manager Byron Gonzalez for an interview.


This marks Diaz's sixth studio album.


Madi Diaz explains to Byron Gonzalez about writing the album
Weird Faith has, really exposed itself to me, you know, even down to the song specifically. When I was writing the record, I was really in a place of, like,experiencing so many good things, you know, happening in my life, really as a result of, so much, you know, like the hard work of the record that came before that… That's like the constant trust fall of, like, believing in yourself and like believing that, like, your single human experience is… important. You know, just as important as anybody else is, is and I think like when I was writing weird Faith, I was really trying to find, like, language to wrap around like, why I should have the audacity or, like, the nerve to believe in myself again I was really, trying to justify believing in myself. And I feel like a lot of these songs are, like, kind of born of, like, the mantras that I was finding when I was encouraging myself”


Madi Diaz performed 3 songs; “Same Risk”, “Everything Almost”, “Don't Do Me Good


Madi Diaz “Weird Faith” is available now on Anti Records