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Marcus King Session with Cliff Beach

Marcus King Session with Cliff Beach

Discussing the new album Mood Swings

Recorded in The SoCal Sound Studios, performing 3 songs + Interview


Marcus King has a full length LP titled Mood Swings and he joins Deeper Grooves host Cliff Beach for a chat!


Marcus King last joined us for an acoustic session in early 2020, between that time, Marcus had released two albums, got married, and is currently out on an extensive U.S. tour with a full band.


Marcus has also has spent time to try and get in touch with his own battles and challenges with mental health, which is part of the inspiration for Mood Swings, and he has launched a non profit resource foundation called Curfew Foundation, which is intended to help musicians find a support system while battling through mental health struggles and addition.


Discussing his foundation with Cliff Beach, Marcus explains, “So curfew, that was a nickname given to a friend of mine, Matt Reynolds. He took his own life back in 2017, and we were all really kind of taken aback by that. It was pretty unexpected. And, you know, it was at a time when we were losing a lot of artists to that same thing, and we just we named it after him because, you know, we just my friend Charles Hedgepeth and I decided we wanted to start this nonprofit to create, like an outreach for artists to be able to, I don't know, have a community and just kind of de-stigmatize the whole idea of depression and all this and, just make a space for artists to go where they could kind of be heard, because that's a really important factor. And now, you know, it's really exciting. We've been teaming up with people like 1 Million Strong and stand together music and finally like getting the Curfew Foundation off the ground because we kind of started the process in 2019 and, taking a couple of years off for the pandemic.”


Marcus King performed 3 songs; “Hero”, “Delilah”, “Mood Swings

Marcus King Mood Swings is available now on Republic Records