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Marcus Mumford with Julie Slater || The SoCal Sound Interviews

Marcus Mumford with Julie Slater || The SoCal Sound Interviews

Join The SoCal Sound's Midday host Julie Slater in conversation with singer-songwriter and creator of Mumford & Sons, Marcus Mumford!

In this interview, Marcus Mumford reflects on key differences between growing as a solo artist versus being in a band and how he balances doing both at the same time. He dives deeper into this topic by telling us about his newest project '(self-titled),' including the overarching theme, his experience working with other artists like Phoebe Bridgers on it, and what impact the album has left on listeners. Additionally, Mumford tells us what writing the score and theme for the award-winning show Ted Lasso was like. 

When it comes to his solo career, Mumford says, "It's really different. It's made me admire artists who are in bands and have solo careers cause it's a lot to get your head around. Like once you're in the band mentality, this could be a good and bad thing, you kind of strap in for the ride, and you kind of go wherever the big machine you created takes you. What I'm learning with this solo stuff it all falls on you."

The SoCal Sound Interviews are recorded live on location & in studio.

Filmed & edited by: Matt Blake

Audio recorded & mixed by: Tristan Dolce


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