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Music Director Picks #13: Yola, Molly Sarlé & American Football with Hayley Williams

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88.5 FM receives so much music on a daily basis... CDs, downloads, reissues, box sets, cassette tapes, vinyl records and more. Songs are generally chosen by committee at the station, but it's the job of the music director to go through the stacks and stacks with a fine tooth comb. This blog may include major label releases, independent artists, even random submissions for your listening pleasure. 

Music Director Picks #13


American Football and Mike Kinsella (Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owen) got established in the late 1990's and after a long hiatus, finally reunited in 2014. Throughout the band's active years, American Football has been praised enthusiastically by making thoughtful, melodic, emotionally driven music. The vocals of Haley Williams, while initially unexpected, are a beautiful addition... she can really sing. American Football's third self-titled album is due 3/22/19. We enjoy the Blake Anderson cameo as well. 



This fearless blog as featured the band Mountan Man in the past, a trio known for their wonderfully folksy harmonies and simplistic musical accompaniment. Looks like Molly Sarlé (one third of Mountain Man) has decided to write and record her first ever full length album. Speaking about this track, "'Human' is about how we project onto other people, especially love interests, and being disappointed when an idealized version of another person crumbles away," she explains. "It’s about coming to terms with the end of something by recognizing that everyone is flawed, and sometimes things just don't work. It’s possible to find joy in disappointment and letting go."



Dan Auerbach seems to be living his best musical life... and it's not as a member of The Black Keys this time. Laying roots in the Nashville area, Dan has established his own record label and recording studio under the name Easy Eye Sounds. Dan has produced a number of records as of late and always employs the finest session musicians Tennessee has to offer. Yola is an extremely talented singer and musician who's a rising star in the UK. Her collaboration with Auerbach seems to sonically be a perfect match. Yola's debut album Walk Through Fire will be out on 2/22 on Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound label.