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Music Director Picks #14: The Gibson Brothers, Kacey Musgraves, Hand Habits

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88.5 FM receives so much music on a daily basis... CDs, downloads, reissues, box sets, cassette tapes, vinyl records and more. Songs are generally chosen by committee at the station, but it's the job of the music director to go through the stacks and stacks with a fine tooth comb. This blog may include major label releases, independent artists, even random submissions for your listening pleasure. 

Music Director Picks #14


Everybody loves a cover or tribute song... right? Dan Auerbach is at it again and again and again. He's produced records for many 88.5 artists as of late from his Easy Eye Sounds studio in Nashville (Yola, Shannon Shaw, Robert Finley and others). This one comes to us by way of The Gibson Brothers. It's their version of an REM classic done in a very Easy Eye Sounds sort of way. For Auerbach, there really is a signature sound coming out of his studio with a warm and vintage feel. 



Kacey Musgraves is no longer 88.5 FM's best little known secret. She's been propelled into the mainstream and recently was awarded 4 Grammys (6 total in her career)! Killer live shows and a rock-solid album called Golden Hour have solidified Kacey as not only a major player in country music circles, but as a legitimate recording artist who transcends genres and does it her own way. 



Rather than showing off her incredible guitar chops, Meg Duffy shows us her skillful prowess as a songwriter. We first took notice of Duffy as the technically sound guitar player from Kevin Morby's band. Almost ambient and airy at times, we're looking forward to hearing what comes next from Hand Habits. Upon first listen, the initial tracks from the upcoming placeholder album seem sonically very different from what we've heard from her contributions with Morby. The full album arrives on 3/1 via Saddle Creek Records. Meg has relocated from upstate New York and is now a Los Angeles resident.