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New Video; Phoebe Bridgers - ‘I Know The End’


Unlike her last music video for “Kyoto,” which was lo-fi, colorful, spunky and playfully silly, the video for “I Know The End” takes a hi-def, dark turn with painfully beautiful, gorgeously grim lyrics to sink deeper into the darkness with. And yet, this wouldn’t be a Phoebe Bridgers production without her signature skeleton jammies, just to stay on for the Bridgers brand aesthetic. 

Director Alissa Torvinen places Bridgers through some obscure, eerie, what-are-are-we-all-doing-here type dark scenes. Some fans speculate that the song alludes to coming to terms with one’s mortality as the video seems to depict both a young and old version of Bridgers - neither theory is confirmed.

The movie/music video begins with a slow cadence of shimmering guitars and the velvety yet reassuring vocal from Bridgers until, eventually, things get hectic as urgency fills the air and we’re left watching Bridgers and her band playing to a huge, vastly empty, ominous stadium where the video ultimately meets its dramatic yet satisfying ending.


Phoebe Bridgers - I Know The End