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Preview Israel Nash's Silver Season

Israel Nash has been a traveler so far in his musical career. Born and raised in Missouri, he moved to New York to start a music career. Even with initial success in Europe, he moved from New York to a 25 acre ranch in Dripping Springs, Texas, leaving the big city and delving deeper into analog recording technology.

Using his nomadic experience, he crafted a deeply atmopheric and lush album Israel Nash's Rain Plans in 2013. He returns again with Israel Nash's Silver Season, out on Loose/Thirty Tigers on Friday, transporting the listener through space and time using his experience around the country as inspiration. The first single "LA Lately" exemplifies this spirit. Nash says, "'LA Lately' is a track that was written on the road while we were leaving LA after my first headline show. There is something magical about that city and the song is all about our experience. From getting there, to being there, and -as we do- moving along and leaving too. No shame, this is an LA song." Truly, with sounds that transport you to Laurel Canyon in the late 1960's, the song represents Los Angeles.

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