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Reyna Tropical Session with Byron Gonzalez

Reyna Tropical Session with Byron Gonzalez

Discussing the new album Malegría

Recorded in The SoCal Sound Studios, performing 3 songs + Interview


Reyna Tropical has a long anticipated full-length album, titled Malegría and they join Bilingual Sounds host and Latin Alt HD3 Brand Manager Byron Gonzalez for an interview.


Reyna Tropical was formed in 2016 as a joint project from Fabi Reyna and Nectali “Sumohair” Diaz. Reyna and Diaz released multiple EPs, and building a magazine focused on women and nonbinary guitarists titled She Shreds. Writing and creation for Malegría begun in 2020, and is deeply rooted in self exploration, and the involvement of nature, along with and through the passing of Diaz.


When discussing song “Cartagena” with Byron Gonzalez, Fabi Reyna explains; “Cartagena is a lot of things, the most part, what comes to mind first is my memories of being there and collaborating with people, of course, but also Franklin, who is from San Basillo de Palanca. So Cartagena is a place, and it’s actually one of the first places in the Americas, where people from Africa were displaced, from West Africa… then from Cartagena, they basically ran awy to San Basilo de Palenque and formed the first free town for African people. It’s a powerful story of resistance, its a powerful story of how the plants, and the water, and the moon, guide you toward liberation”


Reyna Tropical performed 3 songs; “Cartagena”, “Ya Va Pasar”, “Lluvia

Reyna Tropical Malegría is available now on Psychic Hotline