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Songs Of Summer 2014

Every summer a song comes along that seems to fit right in for the season. Of course a number of songs declared "song of summer" lean a little poppy to outright catchy before getting old fast. Here are some songs destined to stick around, especially for this summer.

First Aid Kit's new album Stay Gold just looks and feels like summer. The warmth and optimisim of "Cedar Lane" fits perfectly with the season. This is a song to put on while relaxing on the porch watching the sun set on a cool summer night.


The Shins had their big break when Zach Braff decided to include them on the Garden State soundtrack ten years ago. Now that a decade has passed, they come together again with "So What Now" on the soundtrack for Wish I Was Here. This song seems perfect for lounging on the beach or on a cruise with the top down.


Ryan Adams has a late entry, and although the full album doesn't come until the fall, "Gimme Something Good" should be considered a summertime song. Straightforward and hopeful, this is another one to enjoy during your vacation.


So what songs jump out to you this summer?