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St Vincent Interview with Julie Slater & Jason Friday

St. Vincent Interview with Julie Slater & Jason Friday

LIVE ON-AIR in The SoCal Sound Studio

Discussing the new album “All Born Screaming” and playing selected tracks LIVE on-air



St. Vincent is BACK with a new album titled All Born Screaming and joins Middays host and SoCal Sound Music director Julie Slater and Friday on a Friday co-host Jason Friday for a live on-air interview on album release day!


This marks St. Vincent’s 7th album, and is filled with an all-star list of players, from Dave Grohl, Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa, and Welsh artist Cate Le Bon, among others.

Discussing the album during the interview, Julie: “I love the title. All Born Screaming. Did you spend a lot of time thinking about. I mean, that's a pretty wild like we were born, and you're. It's okay if you scream like, oh, yeah, you're all right. Yeah, yeah. Screaming right. And you know, there's a lot of things about you know, do we go out the same way we come in, you know.”

Annie Clark (St. Vincent) explained: “Well it's a title that I've actually had for 20 years. Haven't seen on that one. I was like, yeah, I'm going to use that someday. But I hadn't, I hadn't really earned it, you know what I mean? I hadn't lived enough life at 23, I wasn't going to write a song called out All Born Screaming, that was any good. trust me, I tried. And, but with this, this one, I think I, lived enough life and, crossed, crossed enough rivers to be able to own it.


All Born Screaming is available now on Total Pleasure Records and at https://ilovestvincent.com/