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Stagecoach 2018 Preview: The Artists We're Looking Forward To Seeing

We're on our way out to the desert for Stagecoach 2018! This year's festival has big name country headliners like Garth Brooks and Keith Urban, but it also includes a number of great Americana and singer-songwriter acts. The Palomino Stage will be home to many of the acts below, although some will get to take on the Mane Stage. Here's who we're looking forward to seeing this weekend.

The Old Favorites

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit (Saturday at 6:10p, Palomino Stage)
We haven't been shy about our love for Jason Isbell before. He continues to be a torchbearer for the future of great rock and songwriting. He wears his heart on his sleeve through powerful lyrics. His set will lead in beautifully to our next favorite.

Dwight Yoakam (Saturday at 7:40p, Palomino Stage)
Dwight Yoakam continues to keep the legacy of cow punk alive and is an important piece of California's country heritage. He's still recording great music and has even taken steps to help developing artists (see King Leg). A true musicologist, he will bring all of his knowledge and talents to the stage on Saturday evening.

Gordon Lightfoot (Sunday at 6:40p, Palomino Stage)

The Canadian Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot may be the most interesting act scheduled this year. A brilliant lyricist, he will show the true roots of country and folk music during his set. This could be a unique moment during a festival filled with a lot of talent.

Kacey Musgraves (Saturday at 8:40, Mane Stage)

Almost immediately after Dwight wraps up his set, Kacey comes to the Mane Stage to help continue her rise in the country world. Her latest album Golden Hour balances the sounds of modern country hits and Americana roots beautifully.

Brothers Osborn (Saturday at 7:20p, Mane Stage)

Ok, so there are always conflicts at a music festival. Saturday is full of them. If you want to rock a little, Brother Osborne may be the right call heading into Saturday evening. They'll get you second wind you need heading into night two with a high energy set.


The Developing Acts

Lukas Nelson & The Promise Of The Real (Sunday at 5:20p, Palomino Stage)
Willie Nelson's eldest son has worked hard to develop his band. Cutting his teeth playing clubs like any other band, Neil Young recognized their talent and brought them out on the road as his primary touring band. They live in both the rock and country world so playing on the Palomino stage is the perfect place to expand their fan base.

Jade Bird (Friday at 12:45p, SiriusXM Spotlight Stage)

Stagecoach doesn't get that many international acts, but Jade Bird has come to the States with a purpose. She is keeping true to her singer-songwriter roots as she writes great songs and even cover's American roots legends like Son House. An early set isn't ideal, but she is a special talent that you could say "I was there..." down the line.

Jade Jackson (Saturday at 1:30p, Palomino Stage)

On of our favorite local finds in 2017, Jade Jackson deserves to be recognized for her musical breadth. She kicked off Saturday at last year's Arroyo Seco and shouldn't be missed as she kicks off Stagecoach's Palomino stage on Saturday this year.

Joshua Headley (Friday at 2:30p, Palomino Stage)

A late entry on our radar, Joshua Headley isn't the first country musician on Jack White's Third Man Records. Much like another buzzworthy Third Man artist Margo Price, he has a classic country sound that still fits into today's music world.

Colter Wall (Sunday at 4:00p, Palomino Stage)

His voice is a dead ringer for Johnny Cash. With a voice that deep and husky, you could swear he has been alive for far longer than 22 years.