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New from Ringo!

Published 3 years ago by AJ Edmonds

Ringo Starr has release a new song, “Here’s to the Night,” featuring some of our other fav artists:

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It's California Public Radio Day!

Published 4 years ago by AJ Edmonds

Today public radio stations all over California are uniting to support the first California Public Radio Day!

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Hear At Home with Joe Walsh

Published 4 years ago by Nic Harcourt

Hear At Home with Joe Walsh

Nic Harcourt and 88.5 FM's newest on-air host, the legendary Joe Walsh connect for our Hear At Home series. Joe talks about the impact and influences the radio has had over his life. He also talks about how he stumbled on becoming a Ham radio operator. And we also get a sneak peek for what's ahead on future episodes of Joe Walsh's Old Fashion Radio right here on the Independent 88.5 FM.

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How do you know Joe?

Published 4 years ago by AJ Edmonds

It occurred to me that the Eagles may not have been the way you were first introduced to Joe. Maybe you “met” him in 1969 with the James Gang. Maybe you got hooked in 1973 with “Rocky Mountain Way”, from the Barnstorm album,“The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get”. Maybe you heard his iconic, “Life’s Been Good” on the “FM” movie soundtrack in 1978 (which also had the Eagles’ “Life in the Fast Lane”) which sent you speeding up the 5, in your Maserati at 185, to his album “But Seriously, Folks...”

However you know Joe, catch up with him this Saturday, hosting a 2-Hr show from 6-8 PM, right here at 885FM.org, on the airwaves at 88.5 FM and your favorite streaming apps!

And if you missed last week’s show:

Listen to the archive here!

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Joe Walsh Challenge Match 2020

Published 4 years ago by Jet

We are very pleased to announce that a Challenge Match has been issued by Joe Walsh, longtime friend of the station and generous supporter of the Independent 88.5 FM.

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An Oasis Reunion On The Horizon?

Published 9 years ago by Jeff Penfield

Any artistic endeavor requires a great deal of passion to complete. When you work in a team, egos must be handled and emotions kept under control.

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