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The Best New Holiday Songs of 2018

Ingrid Michaelson Songs for the Season


2018 is wrapping up and it's the time of year to spend with family, create year end lists, and, of course, listen to holiday music. We know all the classics by heart (a number of other radio stations make sure of that), but sometimes it's nice to have a little something different. Here's the best new holiday music we've heard this year.

Ingrid Michaelson "Happy, Happy Christmas"

Songs for the Season may just be the holiday album of the year. Michaelson tackles standards and newer holiday songs with a style all her own. Some songs are recorded with an old-timey feel, some are more modern. She included an original that she didn't want to be corny or sappy. Although the name sounds like the song could be, it deals with heavy issues of missing loved ones during what has normally been a happy time of year.

Phoebe Bridgers ft. Jackson Browne "Christmas Song"

The first cover on this list isn't the cover you think it is. Phoebe Bridgers has been one of the busiest artists in music with her own solo album and tour, being part of supergroup Boygenius, and joining forces with other artists like Noah Gunderson. Now legendary artist Jackson Browne joins Bridgers on a more unique holiday song. It's not the classic "Christmas Song" that we've heard covered a million times over, it's a McCarthy Trenching original. The song has her usual haunting sound that reflects complex emotions, but Browne's backing vocals seem to give it a calming positivity.

JD McPherson "Every Single Christmas"

A few years ago, McPherson proved his skill at crafting a good holiday song with "Twinkle (Little Christmas Lights)" which has led to a full length album. Filled with his rockabilly sensibilities, McPherson's style fits perfectly with the holiday spirit. His songs are fun and creative, pretty much exactly what you're looking for this time of year. Mookie featured one yesterday, but this album is deep enough for another with "Every Single Christmas"

Lucius "Christmas Time Is Here"

Charlie Brown will forever have the most famous version of "Christmas Time Is Here", but Lucius will make you think twice before playing that one first. They are masters at harmony and found yet another way to twist your mind with their voices. Not many can take a holiday classic and make their own quite like Lucius can.