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The Cush Is The Second Band To Sign To Ben Harper's Newly Formed Mad Bunny Records.

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Genre-androgynous band, The Cush, formed by wife and husband, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas, a couple who isn't afraid to take risks, explore different qualities, and refuse to be defined by just one sound. Perhaps this is why they found themselves within earshot of Ben Harper. 

The Cush is officially the second band signed to Ben Harper's newly founded label, Mad Bunny Records. The Cush is getting ready to release its sixth studio album, titled Riders in the Stardust Gold, slated for a Spring 2021 release.

In anticipation of the new album, The Cush has released their first single, "Haters." A folksy tune with a melancholy vibe straight out of a wild west movie, perfect for a final showdown in the town square with the haters at high noon. 

"Haters" is a song about not letting what antagonists have to say bother you and telling them that there ain't no time fo' that!

An eerie music video also accompanies the single release. We provided it for you right below.


Mad Bunny Records was founded in April 2020 by multi-Grammy Award-winning musician Ben Harper; its mission, to create a sense of community within the music industry. The label hopes to create a supportive connection among talented musicians who lack support or the platform to be heard elsewhere, in turn, becoming each other's audience. 

"I did this because there was too much incredible music that wasn't getting nearly enough attention that I feel it deserves," Harper said in a press release. "I grew up in a music store that has been open since 1958, and it is a musical community where musicians help one another. There is no way I would be here without the help of numerous musicians, and I want to carry that on"

To achieve his goal, Harper brought on music executive Elizabeth Freund of Beautiful Day Media. Freund has over 30 years of experience working with major labels and shares Harper's vision for the label.

The Cush - Haters