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Trousdale Session with Mookie

Trousdale Session with Mookie

Discussing last years release “Out of My Mind”

Trousdale perform 3 songs + Interview from The SoCal Sound Studios


Trousdale has a full length LP, released last fall titled “Out of My Mind”, and they join Evenings host and SoCal Sound Program Director Mookie for a chat!


Trousdale is comprised of Quinn D’Andrea, Georgia Greene, and Lauren Jones. They formed the group while attending University of Southern California’s Popular Music program.


While discussing the songwriting process during the interview with Mookie, each member explained their process, and how it has evolved:
Georgia: “This past album we did more collaborations like more than just the three of u s and so I think it might be harder from “Out of My Mind” but I feel like in the earlier EPS it's a it's a little easier to tell maybe even if it's like who brought the start of the song in and it might dictate how it got wrote.”
Lauren: “Even though we have such different influences, I think we do a good job of melding them all together to be a different thing all together. Which maybe makes it a little bit harder to decipher, like which one of us is taking the lead there because even though we have such different musical backgrounds, we're all song driven and we're all looking to like tell a story and with emotion and with heart that's always what Trousdale is looking for in a good song
Quinn: “When I come into like a Trousdale writing session I'm thinking like I'm going to write for Trousdale whatever the sound is that we've kind of created over the years it's we're just kind of continuously at least in this past record serving kind of that sound”

Trousdale performed 3 songs; “Smart Iowa”, “If I’m Honest”, “Point Your Finger


The SoCal Sound Interviews are filmed, edited, & photographed by Matt Blake, recorded and mixed by Tristan Dolce, executive produced by Marc "Mookie" Kaczor.

Trousdale “Out of My Mind” is available now