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Vacations LIVE in studio - The SoCal Sound Sessions

Vacations LIVE at The SoCal Sound: in studio

Vacations join Middays host Julie Slater to discuss the new album No Place Like Home

3 song video performance + interview from The SoCal Sound Sessions



 Australian band Vacations are back with a new release titled No Place Like Home.

The album follows a period of growth for lead singer Campbell Burns as he navigates through a diagnosis of Pure OCD (or “Pure O”). It chronicles the nuanced discussions around personal growth and sexuality.


During the interview with Julie Slater, Campbell goes on to discuss his recent relocation to Los Angeles was part of “finding the community” of other musicians and songwriters, that are particularly prevalent on the east side of town


Vacations perform the songs "Close Quarters", "Midwest", and "Next Exit".

Offering some insight into the song Midwest “I was going for relationships while I was touring. You know, it's like there's a lot of uncertainty, and I really don’t know what's going to happen if I'm away from this person… just trying to build a sense of intimacy and closeness and maintain that sense again for all the couples together… but it gets really hard. And with that uncertainty, you come home and then it's like it just doesn't work out. And I just kind of kept going through those experiences; and I wanted to write something about encapsulated that feeling of where you're aware that it's not working, but you're desperately trying to hold onto the fact that it could work out. You want it to you want to be accepted by this person. But I didn't want to make a sad song. I didn't want to make it like this acoustic number that's just like a ballad. I wanted to make it something upbeat and almost deceptive because being deceptive in songwriting can be really fun. So instrumentally it's a bop, but then lyrically, it's quite tragic.”


The new Vacations album No Place Like Home is available now.