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X Interview with Matt Pinfield

X Interview with Matt Pinfield

Discussing the new album Smoke & Fiction

Recorded in LIVE OVER THE AIR on 88.5FM The SoCal Sound Studio



X is releasing a new album titled Smoke & Fiction and John Doe & Exene Cervenka join Afternoons host Matt Pinfield for a chat!


Los Angeles legendary punk band X are quickly coming up on 50 years of creating music as a band, and they are also about to venture out on a full tour schedule, which will be the last major tour for the band.


The band was again able to work with producer Rob Schnapf, who also produced the previous album Alphabet Land, he also mixed and mastered X live performance recordings from South America & Europe.


Exene looking back on the recording process with Schnapf, “I wanted to say that, just hearing John say that Rob is so much like Ray, because Ray was the same way. He could be really tough. It was like, knock it off. This is. This is forever. You're going to sing this song and, you know, do this, you know, or whatever. but also really fun and smart and intuitive. And so you feel this relaxed feeling like this. Hey, this guy's cool. He's one of us. But then you realize. But he's also in charge. And so and he always would just Rob would say all these really great suggestions to me. Like, you know, that last night I go, here he goes, don't try too hard. I go, oh, got it. It clicks in my mind. Yes. I was trying too hard. And then I sing and he goes, that's it. You know, he's just he's really understands us. He really did. He does. He really knows. But if I was like, you know what, Rob, can we just go to the street for ten minutes and play pinball? He'd be like, sure, let's do that. “


X Smoke & Fiction will be available August 2, 2024 on Fat Possum; and they will be The SoCal Sound’s Artist In Residence for the month of July. Tune in: Saturdays 6-7pm PDT on 88.5FM and at TheSoCalSound.org